Public Hearing for Local Law 2-2018 Extend Moratorium on the Expansion of Parking Facilities around New Era Field
March 08, 2018

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that a Public Hearing will be held by the Town Board of the Town of Orchard Park, on March 21st  at 7:00 PM (local time) at the Orchard Park Municipal Center, S4295 South Buffalo Street, Orchard Park New York 14127, regarding Local Law 2 for the Year 2018. This local law provides as follows:

Amending Chapter 144 “Zoning” Attachment 1 “Schedule of Zoning Fees” which reads as follows.

Amending the above captioned Chapter 144, Attachment 1, Schedule of Zoning Fees, to add:


A.       Building Permit Fees

VI.       Building Permit fees are non-refundable six (6) months after a payment is made whether a permit has been issued or not.


This local law shall take effect upon filing in the Office of the Secretary of State or from the date of its service as against a person served personally with a copy thereof.

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Printed On March 21, 2018